Happy birthday Rob, you old b*d

I bet you thought you'd got through the day without the attack of singing cakes?

No such luck :D

Have a good day mate.


Happy Birthday!!!

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...thats old!

Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday! Geez your old next you'll be getting married and having a family.

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Thanks chap! I did wonder when the fucking dancing cakes would appear!

As birthday days go, it wasn't bad. Work finishes at 16:30, so have lots of time to play with Felix before he goes to bed.

@Pete - My experience with 34 is not so great. How are you finding it? Anything fallen off yet?

@Dwain - Don't be silly. You'll never catch me doing any of that shit.

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Belated merry birthday!

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Happy birthday

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Thank you chaps! We had pizza. It was good.

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