Fricking dodgy back....

So there I was last night cheerfully preparing my dinner anticipating a night of large scale death and destruction, bent down to grab some cheese out of the fridge as I went to straighten up my damned back decides that's the moment to "go". Now joyously I can't stand up straight and can barely walk...

It would be fair to say I am quit irritated today.


Ouch - that fucking sucks, sorry to hear it. :(

Can you manoeuvre yourself into your gaming chair?

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Pwned by cheese...thats gotta suck.

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Bloody hell. You can tell you're getting old when your mates start having back trouble.

That is a bugger, mate. I hope you're comfortable enough to do gaming while not go to work.

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That's not good... hope it passes soon.

Sounds like you need a taller fridge or shorter legs. The latter, while messy, is far cheaper... ;)

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Cheers all, happily the seating position is the most comfortable so gaming is the order of the day. :) Currently battering Big Daddies.

Walking (especially stairs) is the big issue which makes being on the top floor interesting.

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