Oh bollocks


I've done something moderately stupid. We've got a neat little machine to do some networking gubbins on our project. I recently ordered one. It comes without memory or hard disk, so I ordered those too.

The hard drive on the purchase order was out of stock, so Purchasing came to me with an alternative. I was in the middle of talking to someone, so I had a quick look (suitable size, 2.5", not much more expensive) and approved it.

The boxen are actually shipped from Germany (no reputable UK supplier), so the hard drive and memory arrived and sat for a week. The main box arrived today and I started assembling. I got up to the hard drive.

The alternative hard drive is SATA. The box is PATA only.


Just ordered another, PATA, drive for next day delivery....


Doh! Very brave of you to admit it, mate. Have many other people noticed you've ballsed it up?

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None... went and told the project manager as soon as I noticed. Its only a £40 part, and I have other work I can do in the delay, so I don't think its a big deal...

What made me feel really stupid is that as well as agreeing to the new spec, I signed for it from stores and had it sat on my desk for a week... didn't even look at it.

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I've had things where I've speced something and then someone comes back and says how about this alternative instead for some reason or other. It is always tough to completely look over the new thing to make sure it will actually work since they have told you "this is the exact same thing but cheaper and with a larger X" you take their word for it since you've already made sure the pervious thing was right and the changes they say are probably alright without thinking they may have forgot to check something obvious to you. It's an easy mistake to make.

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