Postcards from Los Santos #spoilers

We're rolling again! Naomi is now big enough to make Sunday nights a possibility once more and Lack-Of Inc, Plc, Ltd and MC were once more out in force. Let's start with some classic EMW flying.

This image is the correct way up. I'd died early on in this "nick the titan" mission and was watching in 3rd person applying various filters for a laugh. EMW decided to go knife edge through the city but only managed to go a little bit knife edge and into a building. Nice.

"So everyone knows I'm American" says England-born Big Rob. Satre, sitting opposite, is sporting white look for the fun of it. It's the yin-yang of GTA outfit choosing.

"So, we're going to be naughty and stuff and probably die doing it."

While trying to get into the military base, EMW manages to get his insurgent stuck between the road and the edge of the bridge. We were 5 stars and the world hated us! Hilarium.


Like a hot knife edge through warm reinforced concrete.

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HAHAHAHAAH! Excellent. I've just noticed that you're slumped over the turret on the last one. You fought valiantly.

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Hoping to do some more shinanigans tonight!

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I'd forgotten to upload a few...

They didn't have any big spoilers when Big Bob went into Spoilers R Us.

YEHAW! We totally done gone and nicked all your guns, innit?!

"Deliver the Product" is what past manager of mine have said. They didn't mean this.

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