2017 Things I'd like to do

Like resolutions but with a firm admittance that I'm not really in the business of tracking my own progress on anything. I can only do what I can. So these are all things I would like to do, some are personal, some are for the family. I want to do more socialising but at the moment it's so hard to plan or think about what that might take. I'd love to get back into roleplaying face to face. I do like Roll20 but it doesn't beat face to face.


  • Finish the Cloudship at South Castle. done
  • Build 5 more buildings in Nordcastle. (1/5)
  • Circle line from Byrn's Bunker to the Uber store. done
  • Decorate the insides of buildings at the Vertislum
  • Light the inside of Ringwall so that no mobs spawn there.


  • 200 words a day.
  • Edit my novel.
  • Make 10 YouTube videos.


  • Fly 10 times outside.
  • Fly the Inductrix inside 10 times.
  • Get through an air gate reliably.

I'd like to get new set of goggles but we'er on the cusp of everything going digital (which is waaaay better) so I'm holding off for that. My flying chums have been practising gates by using some cheap pop up goals from Amazon, so I might get some of those when the weather turns.

For others

  • Teach Felix to ride a bike.
  • Get the garage turned into a room with a roof garden.
  • Naomi to survive 6 months.
  • Kate to restart her counselling course.

Edit - the words graph.


So I'm making some good progress this year. I've becoming inventive if eeking out time and concentrating on a few things. I also like having measurable goals - which I know Pete is really good at setting.

I managed to get flying last Wednesday and re-maidened the Tweaker 180 on the new flight controller (the USB port on the old one was knackered). Without any tuning at all, it flies really well. The only "vibration" I got was when I was descending into unclean prop wash. That's kind of expected, I'm not sure any flight controller can deal with that turbulence yet. I went down to the old park and ride car park by Showcase (after seeing Rogue One) and it's an OK spot but I'm not a big fan. Flying over concrete amplifies any cockups.

In Minecraft, I've completed the Circle Line as far as it needs to go for now. Being able to go from the Uberstore to the Village easily is a boon although I'm quite taken with riding horses at the moment and have them littered in stables around the map. I've started decorating the Vertislum, which I can do in 30 minute batches. Using Shulker boxes to hold all the stuff I need is excellent, well worth the Ender Dragon killing spree.

I've started collecting a list of architect/builders for turning the garage into a roof garden and lab and we're also looking at putting a mini conservatory on the back of the house. We just need more space!

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