The current panic on drones near airports

There has been a spate of incidents where the various news outlets have someone flying a drone (insert stock picture of a dji phantom 2 here) within feet of an aircraft!

Unless they've suddenly stopped making aircraft out of aircraft grade aluminium and decided to start using paper a drone is not going to bring down a jet airliner. If it hits its props will snap and it will plummet out of the sky.

3D printing, I'm especially excited

Many, many years ago, Back at Mill Hill School I spent a huge amount of time building 3D objects with a program called Euclid on the Acorn Achimedes. I made citiies you could "fly through" (move the camera) and an American truck. It was where my love of 3D things, be it rendering or building worlds, began. At some point in University (1996ish), once I had my stonking first PC (a Dell Pentium 200Mhz) an old chum Raj furnished me with Lightwave 3D, which he said "They used to make Babylon 5".


I've just finished playing MASSIVE CHALICE, which is a strategy/tactical game from Double-Fine... I remember seeing the Kickstarter a while ago (I think a nudge was sent out to all backers of Planetary Annihilation). It's a lovely little game that I really enjoyed...the first single-player game in a long time to hold my attention to the ticks a lot of boxes for me.

Minecraft 1.9 on Thursday

It's taken them two bloody years but there are some cool things coming. I'd rather they released less and more often. Here's a really good roundup:

The End has a Point

I want to go to the end now. I didn't really care before but now there is a reason to do it. I'm going to find me a portal, make a safe railway to it and then go kill me some dragon and do some exploring!

2016 Resolutions

I'm like Pete, I like to have some goals and then compare every so often. In 2015, I gained a new hobby that has successfully scratched my itch for flying, which is ace as I can sneak out for a few hours, be in the fresh air and spend time with geeks. There is also something to spend my meagre pocket money on.

Grand Bimble Auto Online

There are some evenings I want to be intensely engaged in a game. Missing hours and one-more-thing. Civ V does that for me, as does City Skylines (although less so). Skyrim did too.

There are some evenings I want to build. Minecraft is good for that, although I have a pretty big rebuild of the UberStore mechanism in progress.

Then there are some evenings I like to bimble about, in the presence of others, doing stuff. Cruising. Minecraft could be good for that but more recently I've been enjoying GTA Online.