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The state of F - 20 months

As Felix is getting older, he's much more fun. I get less cuddles, though.


Felix now walks in a similar way to an adult. Rather than throwing legs forward to move, he leans and moves legs. When not wearing a nappy, it has the ease of anyone.

The end to an awesome campaign

Roleplaying games are fun. They are a superb social activity and idea furnaces. A clutch of like minded imagineers jointly build a story together and for each of us the epic will be remembered in our own way. As a GM, I only plant the seed of the idea, the story itself is the purview of the players. It's them that make it great.

Chom Isis 4 API thoughts

I have been investigating with different API structures (REST, XML-RPC and SOAP) as part of work and I think it's a good time to talk about the Chom 4 Application Programming Interface.

API What?

The Chom 4 API will allow other developers to easily get at data in Chom Isis and perform some actions without visiting the web page.

API Why?

The state of F - 16 months-ish

As Felix grows, the developmental stages are less obvious. Most of the big ones to do with motion (sitting up, walking, etc) are now old hat. Felix is a much happier fellow now he can self-propell. I think the idea of lying down and just having the world happen to him was abhorrent. He wants to happen to the world.